Mamallapuram (Mahaballipuram)

Site of the first stone temples in India, hewn out of stone by the Chola dynasty; also a beach resort
Fishermen's village north of Mamallapuram Path from hotel to beach We had mosquito netting over the bed The Panch (five) Rathas (processional temple chariots), named after the Pandava brothers in the Mahabharata and their wife, Draupadi; all carved out of the stone during the 7th century
Statue of the goddess Durga in the Draupadi Ratha Arjuna Ratha Nandi next to Arjuna Ratha Bhima Ratha (front) and Dharmaraja Ratha
Bhima Ratha, showing the stone carved as if it were wood Androgynous Shiva, half-male and half-female Dome on the Dharmaraja Ratha Left to right, Nakul Sahadeva, Draupadi, Arjuna and Bhima Rathas (plus elephant)
Elephant carved out of the stone The Shore Temple seen from the beach The Shore Temple (really two temples) is India's first cut-stone temple, dating from the 7th century The temples
Tourists from two continents on a third The Shore Temples Wall sculptures in the Panch Pandava Cave Temple Wall sculptures in the Panch Pandava Cave Temple
Arjuna's Penance (or Bhagiratha's Penance) - a representation in stone of the descent of the Ganges from heaven to earth Detail showing the Ganga flowing down the crack in the rock, complete with nagas (serpents). Upper left, the rishi is standing on one leg in tapasya (austerity) Bhagiratha's Penance, detail of elephants Carved monkeys
Krishna's butterball, a curious balanced rock Tiger Cave, Durga shrine Curious rock near Tiger Cave Bas-relief showing the goddess Durga, seated on a lion, fighting a buffalo-headed demon with her bow
Sandal maker Doggies near the beach Mamallapuram Beach Mamallapuram Beach
Fishermen setting out to sea Boats on the beach Remains of pirogues destroyed by the tsunami Tourists resting in the evening sun
We met a group of fascinating kids from an orphanage They wanted to be photograped... ... so they were. What actors! Must be practicing for film rolls. On a slide