Various scenes from around Varanasi/Banares/Kashi
Varanasi by night, seen from Assi Ghat We love these Indian door locks! Varanasi viewed from Hotel Temple on Ganges. The pink tower in the middle is at Nepali or Lalita Ghat. The Alamgir Mosque is visible to the right. Flower seller outside the Shitala Temple at Dashashwamedh Ghat
The Nepali Temple The Nepali Temple Carved wood doors at the Nepali Temple The birth of the Ganga from a crocodile, represented in a carving at the Nepali Temple
School children Children arriving for school The Lalita Kund (tank) Lalilta Kund
Some girls would kill for that hair-do. Wall paintings near Lalita Kund Wall paintings Wall paintings
Wall paintings Hall of Jai Singh's palace at Man Mandir Ghat Jai Singh's observatory at Man Mandir Ghat View from Man Mandir
View of Dashashwamedh Ghat from Man Mandir The Ganga from Man Mandir Street sellers Those look good.
Dashashwamedh Road, one of the busiest in Varanasi Cross-roads This is not even rush hour. Calves
Loads of lingams at Assi Ghat