Varanasi - the Ghats

On the ghats
The Indian national game seems to be cricket. An effigy left over from the last festival Clowning Brits, who pretended only to have actually gone swimming Kite flying
A happy-looking sadhu A huge linga, covered with brass Assi Ghat, with sand still left from the monsoon flooding Strong man
"Onze fen�tres sur le Gange" (Eleven windows on the Ganges) Chet Singh's palace Dashaswamedh Ghat Worshippers at Dashashwamedh
Leaving Dashashwamedh Ghat by boat Boater Ducks and pilgrims -- in a full boat Nepali Temple
Manakarnika Ghat, the main burning ghat Huge piles of wood for burning corpses Towards the Alamgir Mosque (Aurangzeb's Mosque) Flats to let?
Alamgir Mosque Steep stairs at Phanchaganga Ghat Looking north toward the bridge on the Ganga Alamgir Mosque
A clean-looking temple at Panchaganga Ghat Alamgir Mosque The New Vindu Madhan Temple New Vindu Madhan Temple
All that is left of the original Vindu Madhan Temple are the two statues beside the door... ... one of Garuda ... ... and one of Hanuman Demolition workers
Demolition worker Bathers and worshippers Hold your nose and ... ... dunk!
A libation for the holy river Boys at the sunken temple They actually swim in it! The baskets hold lighted candles in the evening.
Meanwhile, back at Assi Ghat, cricket continues.