In, or should we say on, Naxos, we spent 4 nights. We would have enjoyed more.
Boarding the ferry to Naxos at 06:30! Cute little boat.  gr15 090806290 j Leaving Piraeus behind us  gr15 090807500 j All there is of the Temple of Apollo on an islet off Naxos port.  gr15 090812370 j rca2 Chora, or Naxos City  gr15 090812471 j
Our two (!) balconies at the lovely Villa Romantica  gr15 090912130 j Nice architecture  gr15 090912150 j All the apartments look over the pool.  gr15 090912151 j The Paradiso Taverna became our cantine.  gr15 090914130 j
A happy diner with after-lunch coffee  gr15 090914050 j This cat climbed the cedar tree to get onto the pergola at the taverna.  gr15 090913241 j Beach and tables of the Paradiso Taverna  gr15 090914110 j She floats well.  gr15 090917410 s
Mountains in the interior of Naxos  gr15 091012291 s The path up to the Temple of Demeter is bordered with nerium (oleander)  gr15 091012451 j The Temle of Demeter was built in 530 BCE and is considered by some to be a model for the Parthenon.  gr15 091012491 s r a The Temple of Demeter is out in nature, away from towns, on a hill.  gr15 091012511 s r a2
Cactuses on the way from the temple and  onwards.  gr15 091012570 s a Striped mountains  gr15 091013221 j We saw lots and lots of bougainvilea, like this one in Halki.  gr15 091013370 s-m Bougainvilea and bike  gr15 091013391 j
Small square in Halki  gr15 091014280 j The "boys" of Halki  gr15 091014290 j Panagia Drossiani, Byzantine church from early 6th c.  gr15 091014541 j Bells of the Panagia Drossiani  gr15 091014560 j
The back of the Panagia Drossiani  gr15 091014580 s aa Adjoining chapels behind the Panagia Drossiani  gr15 091014572 s aa Gorgeous bougainvillea  gr15 091014582 s Fresco of Agios Georgios on a horse with a little boy on the saddle behind him  gr15 091015010 j caa
Dome of Pangia Drossiani  gr15 091015011 j a More frescos, maybe saints, in the Panagia Drossiani  gr15 091015020 j ab Side chapel  gr15 091015030 j The interior of Naxos is quite hilly and wild.  gr15 091015260 s a
Nerium (oleander)  gr15 091015300 s Spiderman going after Eldibi, daughter of the Villa Romantica owners. This was a rare moment when she was not in the pool.  gr15 091119390 j A walk on Plaka Beach before breakfast.  gr15 091208210 1 Foam among the rocks  gr15 091208361 1
Footprints coming out  gr15 091208380 1 a