We spent a short three nights in Athens, which gave us two full days to get a brief idea of what the city is like and whether we would like to go back. We would.
A beautiful resident of the Plaka  gr15 090518071 j The Plaka area, up against the north side of the Acopolis was built by emigrants from the islands, so the architeture gave us a foretaste of what we would see later. The paths and walls are molded to fit the topography of the hillside.  gr15 090518080 j The Acropolis looms up behind the Plaka.  gr15 090518140 j Looking out across Athens from the Plaka.  gr15 090518160 j
Some of the numerous feline residents of the area come running up.  gr15 090518200 j This one looks like our Benny and, like Benny, called out to have his tummy rubbed.  gr15 090518202 j Our hotel's terrace has a good view of the Acropolis.  gr15 090610390 j ca More zoomed view of the Parthenon and the Erechtheion  gr15 090610402 j
Horse carriage and southern slope of the Acropolis  gr15 090611060 s Part of the Parthenon is visible above the southern slope of the Acropolis.  gr15 090611061 s Theater lover digging the atmosphere where the works of Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides and Aristophanes were first played.  gr15 090611190 j The Theater of Dionysos, originally built in wood in the 6th c. BCE, was rebuilt in marble between 342 and 326 BCE.  gr15 090611210 s a
Back of the stage of the Dionysos Theater  gr15 090611201 j Ruins await an eventual restoration.  gr15 090611231 s a The Stoa of Eumenes, built around 160 BCE  gr15 090611240 s The Odeon of Herodes Atticus, built in AD 161 by a wealthy Roman  gr15 090611420 s a
Nice old Mercedes in the Plaka at the foot of the Acropolis.  gr15 090613180 j The National Archaeological Museum contains many wonders, especially this so-called mask of Agamemnon, 16th c. BCE(!), a funeral mask found by Schliemann at Mycenae in 1876.  gr15 090617110 j Gold jewelry from Mycenai  gr15 090617152 j Ritual vase in the form of a cow's head  gr15 090617154 j
Gorgeous two-handled cup  gr15 090617192 j Espresso, anyone?  gr15 090617200 j Wall painting of MInoan bull-leaping (someone leaping over the bull, not the bull leaping...)  gr15 090617241 j Example of Linear B writing from Crete. This syllabic writing was used as early as 1450 BCE.  gr15 090617260 j abc
Harp player, Cycladic sculpture, from around 2500 BCE  gr15 090617310 j Female figurines, early Cycladic, 2800-2300 BCE  gr15 090617311 j bc Cycladic female figurine and ceramic beak-spouted jug  gr15 090617361 j Cycladic ceramic "frying pan" with incised pattern of a ship and spirals (waves?)  gr15 090617371 j
A kore, a female figure, c. 550 BCE; male figure; and a sphynx, c. 579 BCE  gr15 090617530 j Bronze statue of Zeus or Poseidon, 460 BCE, found in the sea.  gr15 090617561 j Spring, Mionoan frescos from Thira, with lilies and kissing swallows  gr15 090618093 j Rather extensively restored frescos of horses and boxing boys from Thira  gr15 090618100 j
The view is really nice at night with the lumière (but no son).  gr15 090621012 j Closer view of the Parhenon and the Erechtheion  gr15 090621051 j Many steps lead up to the monumental Propylaea, the entrance to the top of the Acropolis.  gr15 090708170 j zaa What funny-looking pants this tourist is wearing.  gr15 090708302 j
Acropolis hilltop viewed from the eastern edge; from left to right, the Parthenon, the top of the Propylaea and the Erechtheion.  gr15 090708351 j From the Acropolis, one can see out over the old Agora and the Theseion, the Temple of Hephaestus.  gr15 090708440 j ab From the eastern edge, a view of the Temple of Olympian Zeus.  gr15 090708451 j abc The facade of the Erechtheion with its ionic columns. The right-hand side is built on lower ground.  gr15 090708530 j
Ionic capitals on the Erechtheion  gr15 090708500 j a2 The Porch of the Caryatids on the south side of the Erechtheion, a series of pillars in the form of women.  gr15 090708551 j The Theseion, the Temple of Hephaestus, in the old Agora.  gr15 090709241 j There are ancient ruins all over this area.  gr15 090709340 j
The Stoa of Atalos in the Ancient Agora, just beyond the metro, which surfaces here.  gr15 090712080 j Statues, including at least one Merman  gr15 090712131 s a North side of the Acropolis, viewed from the Ancient Agora  gr15 090712160 j a North side of the Acropolis, viewed from the Ancient Agora  gr15 090712160 s aa
Temple of Hephaestus, the best-perserved Doric temple in Greece, 449 BCE  gr15 090712181 s PIllars on the north side of the Temple of Hephaestus  gr15 090712211 j Stoa of Attilos viewed from Temple of Hephaestus  gr15 090712212 j xa Columns of the Stoa of Attilos. Socrates probably strolled here, but it has been much restored since.  gr15 090712450 s a
Stoa of Attilos  gr15 090712370 s a Stoa statue  gr15 090712440 s-m Exterior columns, Stoa of Attilos  gr15 090712470 s Temple of Hepaestus  gr15 090713421 s a
Plateia Syntagmatos (Syntagma Square) and the Greek Parliament  gr15 090717473 j