Day 4

This was a big day: We started with a visit of the Agzikarahan (caravanserai), then a walk up through the Selime Monasery, lunch in Belisirma and a walk in the lovely Ihlara Valley, a brief stop in G�zelyurt and a descent into the Deinkuyu underground city.
Cappadocia  The town of Uçhisar and its "castle" Cappadocia  Driving through Nevşehir, we were impressed by all the apartments being built all over. Cappadocia  Cappadocia is framed on the east by Mount Erciyes and on the west by Mount Hasan 32353m), which is faintly visible across the fields. Cappadocia  The Agzikarahan (a caravanserai) near Akseray dates from the 13th century.
Cappadocia  Gate into the Agzikarahan Cappadocia  Arches in the Agzikarahan Cappadocia  Arches in the Agzikarahan Cappadocia  The huge hall is open to the sky, probably where a dome once was.
Cappadocia  We never understood what this huge cathedral-like building in the han was, but it is big and impressive. Cappadocia  Small mosque in the middle of the han Cappadocia  A bird in the han is worth two ... oh, well Cappadocia  Mount Hasan is a former volcano.
Cappadocia  Mountain Hasan (3253m) rises in the east of Cappadocia. Cappadocia  The road to Selime never loses the view of Mount Hasan. Cappadocia  The Selime Monastery dates from the 6th century. Cappadocia  The monastery is carved out of a number of rock cones.
Cappadocia`  You have to climb some to get up to the monastery chambers. Cappadocia  What fraction of these holes were eroded? Cappadocia  Going up, the path is sometimes quite narrow. Cappadocia  The path leads through the rock.
Cappadocia  A room in the monastery Cappadocia  Still going up Cappadocia  Siv looking up from strangely eroded rocks Cappadocia  The monastery
Cappadocia  The monastery Cappadocia  This hall is probablly the refectory, whatever that may be... Cappadocia  Mount Hasan still looming over the fields Cappadocia  The Ihlara Valley is hidden between steep cliffs south of Belisirma
Cappadocia  Restaurants in Belisirma have dining "rooms" built next to or even over the water of the Melendiz River Cappadocia  We did not want the table without a rail. Cappadocia  Boys wading in the shallow river Cappadocia  Casting his net
Cappadocia  Old man in Belisirma Cappadocia  The plan of the Ihlara Valley, what else? Cappadocia  The path in the Ihlara Valley follows the river between the over-100m-high cliffs on either side. Cappadocia  Swallows flying over the bank
Cappadocia  The cliffs above the valley are riddled with carved-out caves. Cappadocia  Cliffs and river Cappadocia  On up the path Cappadocia  Rather spectacular
Cappadocia  River, path and rocks Cappadocia  Walking up to the Kirkdamalti Kilisesi (St George Church) Cappadocia  Carved-out church entrances Cappadocia  View of the cliffs next to the Kirkdamalti Kilisesi
Cappadocia  The state of the wall paintings is astoundingly good anyway Cappadocia  View from the Kirkdamalti Kilisesi Cappadocia  Inside, the more easily reached portraits all have the faces destroyed, probably because of Muslim restrictions against portraits. Cappadocia  In Turkey, donkeys have priority over motor vehicules such as tourist buses.
Cappadocia  At its southern extremiey the Ihlara Valley seems to have been gouged out of the earth. Cappadocia  The former Greek church of St Gregory of Naziance (4th c.), in the old part of the town of Güzelyurt, has been converted into a mosque. Cappadocia  Old houses abandoned when the Greek residents left in an exchange with Turks from Greece after WWI Cappadocia  Old arch in Güzelyurt
Cappadocia  Old street and decorated archway -- all abandoned tk12 060315411 s aa  Pretty, abandoned street Cappadocia  St Gregory Church in Güzelyurt Cappadocia  Inside the church, now a mosque
Cappadocia  Old Greek Christian gravestones Cappadocia  Church facade, restored in the 19th c. Cappadocia  Beautiful Turkish landscape Cappadocia  Beautiful Turkish landscape
Cappadocia  The underground city of Derinkuyu. Cappadocian underground cities may have originally been dug by the Hittites, but were certainly occupied by -700. Cappadocia  Another underground room in Derinkuyu Cappadocia  Derinkuyu is a maze of rooms and tunnels on all sorts of levels. Cappadocia  One wall of the knave of the church is amazingly thin.
Cappadocia  You had to bend over double in order to get through this tunnel, which was only about a meter high. After that, John had had enough and we left by the shortest (and largest) route. Cappadocia  Himself is getting somewhat eroded-looking too. Cappadocia  Amazingly eroded rocks near Uçhisar Cappadocia  Meanwhile, back wherefrom we started this morning, the other side of the Uçhisar "castle"
Cappadocia  View from the Göreme Panorama, a tourist trap, but one with quite a nice view over the city Cappadocia  Göreme in the distance Cappadocia  Close-up showing the mosque and, to the right, the Arch Palace Hotel