Day 3

We went to the bazar in Ürgüp in the morning, followed by a good lunch there, making this a relatively restful day.
tk12 060210230 j  We finally found the Ürgüp bazaar, on foot; the Guide Michelin called it a market and no one understood that. tk12 060210300 j c  Spices tk12 060210330 s a  The apple seller gave us a sample. tk12 060210361 j  Garlic
tk12 060210382 j  Beans tk12 060210383 j  Peppers! tk12 060210390 j  Peaches(?) tk12 060210391 j  Cucumbers
tk12 060210421 j  Elongated, yellow fruit tk12 060210430 s  Cauliflower and tomatoes tk12 060210460 j  Fabrics outside the market pavillion tk12 060210561 s  Baby chicks and ducklets
tk12 060210570 j  Balloon seller tk12 060211000 j ca  A large clothing stand where SIv found herself a skirt and blouse tk12 060211050 j  Shirts galore tk12 060211430 j  Cliff and Kaya Kapi hill, Ürgüp
tk12 060211580 j  Happy tourist in nice restaurant in �rg�p -- and she don't look a day over 50 tk12 060213210 j  Old house in Ürgüp tk12 060213211 s  Roses in old Ürgüp