The ancient city of Ephesus is only 3 km from Selçuk. It was prosperous already in the -7th century and passed through many hands before being captured by Alexander the Great in -343. It was destroyed by the Goths in 262, so most of the buildings are in sad shape. Still, walking through and looking at it took us 3 hours and gave a vivid impression of how large and important it once was.
Ephesus  Entering, as most people do, from the uphill end, one sees ruins of the smaller theater, the Odeon, which was originally covered. Ephesus  Swedish tourist in Ephesus Ephesus  The Odeon, built in 150, held about 1500 people Ephesus  The Odeon
Ephesus  The Odeon Ephesus  American tourist at the Odeon Ephesus  Nice arch Ephesus  View down the hill towards the facade of the library
Ephesus  Remains of the 1st-century Temple of Domitian Ephesus  Remains of a decorated arch Ephesus  Curetes Street is a wide thoroughfare. It was nice of the builders to think of all the people who would be visiting 2000 years later! Ephesus  Fountain of Trajan
Ephesus  Mosaics and cat Ephesus  View from the Scholastika Baths toward the library, To the right, columns line Marble Street. Ephesus  Beautiful mosaics Ephesus  There are lots of cats in Ephesus
Ephesus  Comfort, relaxing in the sun's warmth Ephesus  Tourist at the terrace houses, homes to the rich Ephesus  Excavation and reconstruction are currently under way Ephesus  Here one can see how rooms were positioned around a central court
Ephesus  Lovely wall painting from almost 2000 years ago! Ephesus  Floor mosaic of a lion Ephesus  Marble Street Ephesus  The so-called library was actually built in 120 as a tomb for Julius Celsus Polemaeanus
Ephesus  Facade of the library, with intricate decorations Ephesus  The library was only found by excavators in 1904 and has since been partially restored Ephesus  Can't figure out what this graceful arch is Ephesus  View across the columns of the mercantile agora to the library. The agora was built in the -3rd century.
Ephesus  The grand theater was first built in the -3rd century and later enlarged to hold 24000 people. Ephesus  Harbour Street ran from the grand theater down to the harbor, which has since receded Ephesus  Tourist in Harbour Street Ephesus  Well, there is a sort of honesty here