Around Selçuk

We took a dolmus (mini-bus) to the small town of Tire for the weekly market; and another with guide for a tour of three archeological sites -- Priene, Miletus and Didyma
On the way to Tire  Poppies in the fields Tire  Fruit and potato stand Tire  Sandals in all colors Tire  Happy potato vendor
Tire  One lady making gözleme while others sit Tire  Cheery young men who asked for their picture to be taken Tire  Woman shopping Tire  The market in Tire lies on a hillside and is quite vast
Tire  The Yahşibey (Yeşil İmaret) Camii (mosque) from the 15th century Tire  Yeşil İmaret Camii Tire  Street farther up the hill Tire  Turkish ladies in the street
Tire  Yeni Camii (mosque). from the 16th century, with tourist taking the following picture... Tire  Yeni Camii Tire  Light dapples the market Tire  View toward the hill
Tire  People in street Tire  The chef and his cooking Tire  Delicious dishes waiting to be eaten Tire  Karahasan Mosque
Tire  The blue reminded us of Jodhpur Tire  Farther up the hill, what remains of a han, or caravanserai Tire  Farther up the hill, what remains of a han, or caravanserai Tire  Turkish gentlemen playing cards in the han. One of them spoke French and was happy to chat with us and explain the han.
Tire  Stable in the han Tire  Horse in the stable Tire  Tire is a hilly town Tire  Oleander and minaret
Tire  Colorful houses on an uphill street Priene  Steps leading up to the ancient Greek city, Priene, built around the -4th century Priene  Remains of plumbing from the -4th century Priene  Poppies grow among the ruins
Priene  The theater could hold up to 6500 people Priene  Nicely carved front-row seats, demonstrated by a 21st-century European theater-goer Priene  Another theater-goer Priene  Ancient ruins at the base of the mountain; on the top is the Acropolis, now unreachable after earthquakes
Priene  Temple of Athena Priene  Much of the temple is now a jumble of carved stones, columns and capitals Priene  American tourist in the temple Priene  Bouleuterion, or council chamber
Miletus  Blue bells assert their life and color among the ruins Miletus  The great theater of Miletus makes an extraordinary impression as you approach it across open fields Miletus  The 15000-seat theater was built by the Greeks before the Romans took over Miletus  This covered walkway is no longer covered
Miletus  Covered walkway in the upper reaches of the theater remind Siv of the Roman Colosseum Miletus  The view from above Miletus  Remains of the northern Agora, seen from atop the theater Miletus  Agora
Miletus  Puppy in the theater Didyma  Remains of a Roman road Didyma  Temple of Apollo, built in the late -4th century Didyma  The Temple of Apollo has only three columns still standing
Didyma  Steps and stumps Didyma  This must have once resembled the temple at Karnak (Egypt), but all that remains now is a truncated forest of stumps Didyma  How impressive this hypostyle hall must once have been Didyma  The large cella (inner room), where the Oracle once held forth
Didyma  Highly-decorated base of a column Didyma  Two beautiful columns and their top (to use the architecture technical term) still stand Didyma  Stone lion Didyma  Head of the Medusa
Didyma  Another carved head Didyma  A winged goddess Aegean Coast  We stopped at a restaurant-hotel on a beach on the way back and went for a swim -- or a wade. Driving back to Selçuk  The huge Miletus theater seen from the dolmus on the way back
Driving back to Selçuk  Hills in the light of the lowering sun Driving back to Selçuk  Rocks and cliffs border the road