Chitwan National Park

We spent two days in Chitwan National Park, during which time we saw two woodpeckers, one monkey (maybe) and two spotted deer. We also became intimate with an elephant named Saraswati. No rhinos, tigers or bears.
Arrival at Island Jungle Resort, on an island in the middle of the Narayani River The Narayani River Our lodging A rhino, painted on our bedroom wall -- the only one we saw
The Narayani River in front of our lodging Tharu stick dancers Tharu stick dancers Elephants ... in the morning mists
An early-morning nature walk A tiger[s paw-print Spotted deer on the opposite shore In case you've wondered how a tourist gets on an elephant...
... here's how Elephant riders Hmmm, looks like a good spot for a rhino Jungle trees
Our elephant, Saraswati, decided to have a snack Taking leave of Saraswati Taking leave of Saraswati A cat!
Bathing the elephants Elephant and mahout (driver) get a shower Tourist clinging to elephant (Saraswati again) Nice elephant
Elephant and tourist get shower Graceful, he's not Clambering on again In the river
Going down Come on, Saraswati Wet tourist Another shower
The final act Off to the evening jungle Off for a boat ride The jungle along the Narayani River
Towing the boat against the strong current Sunset over the Narayani Sunset Island Jungle Resort
Dusk over the Narayani River Morning on the Narayani Tharu farm, buildings made of bamboo and mud and thatch Tharu dwelling and child
A modern dwelling Blue, it is Tharu farm Another traditional farm building