We spent two days in Bodhnath, a center for TIbetan Buddhists
Bodhnath Stupa seen from our hotel roof Bodhnath Stupa in the evening Repainting a lion Worshipping in a shrine
Statues Buddha and paramour Stupa and guardians Armed horseman
The (round) square Many prayer flags Buddha is watching YOU A devout Buddhist
Many prayer flags Tibetan buddhists make lots of noise, ringing bells and so forth The moon comes up Selling buddhist-monk-colored clothes
Less touristy part of Bodhnath, in the evening Fruit seller BIrds on the stupa in the morning Looking over monasteries towards the mountains
Pashupatinath (Hindu) Temple, which we visited from Bodhnath Pashupatinath Temple -- burning ghats for commoners on the holy Bagmati River Non-Hindus not allowed on the other side of the bridge Pashupatinath Temple on the Bagmati River
Sadhus at the Pashupatinath Temple Sadhus Sadhu Sadhu
A whole string of shrines Offerings for a linga We saw lots of monkeys at Pashupatinath Temple View of the burning ghats for richer folks, formerly also for the (ex-)king
Looking back down-river On the ghats for richer folks, a body is turned several times around the pyre The pyre has been lit Kids playing in the filthy water of the Bagmati
Cows in the river too A very young monkey He's happiest with mama Chabahil, another, smaller stupa
Bodhnath Stupa Bodhnath Stupa seen from rooftop restaurant Bodhnath seen from rooftop restaurant A map showing the locations of Bodhnath's 32 gompas (monasteries)
A big prayer wheel In the evening, worshippers walk around the stupa in a clockwise direction Lots of Tibetan aprons A worshipper