Exposition of Theater photos and an unforgattable dinner with my family
sj18 011911390 a  Teatermuseet i Malmö, Kalendegatan 5C, very close to Stortorget. The long expected exposition of Mother's wonderful theater photos. sj18 012014130 aa-cr-1000  Siv cuts the ribbon; Alice Stridh's daughter and one of Ea, Agneta & Britt, who work as voliunteers at the museum. sj18 012014010 aa-1000  Kjell Hansson, director of the museum, with help from three volunteer women and Siv, who is going to make a little speech, totally unprepared. Video  HERE Magda-Alice-cr-aaa-1000  Photos of my mother, Magda Molin and Alice Stridh whose photos were in the second room.
sj18 012015321-1000  Niece Kajsa , her daughter my gret niece Charlotta and Siv Siv-utstallningen-700  Siv looking at a photo of Born Yesterday by Garson Kanin. sj18 012014230 aa-800  John took a picture of the first wall on the left as you entered the first room, after the ribbon cutting. sj18 012014250 a-1000  Man watching pictures from Markrjrells i Wadköping, Lycko-Pers resa.  On the right Pygmalion (Viveka Linder), Vår ofödde son,  (Agneta Prytz), Gudrun Brost in Lysistrate and Holger Hansen in Orfeus i underjoren.
sj18 012014260 k-aa-1000  Hamlet on the left left with Gunnar Sjöberg, Inge Waern,, Oscar Ljung Ella Eronene, and in the picture below also Curt Masreliez.  On the very right Inga Tidblad as In dras dotter in "A Dreamplay"." sj18 012014320 cr-aa-1000  An autographed photo of Anders de Wahl, clearlyy donated to the museum by its owneer and friend of de Wahl. Markurells lunch-a  Best picture -- Herr Markurell, the rich inn keeper, is bribing the faculty with a splendid lunch in the faculty room on the day the oral exams are taking place for his son, among others. sj18 012015460-1000 a-1000  My family, almosty all of them here, on our way from the museum to the restaurant 'Bistro Royal' in the former section of the Cenbtral station. Sara and Håkan in the lead.
sj18 012016200 aa-1000  is is as happy as can be, getting all her family together on this big day, even two of sister Gun's grandchildren. sj18 012018201 k-aaa-1000  My John surrounded by (the way he had planned it) my nieces Kajsa and Sara. My sister Lisbet is next to Sara. sj18 012017250 aa-1000  Nephe Måns' daughter Anna, the music student in Malmö; Måns himself and sister Lisbet, both the family's MDs, after the older generation is thinning out. sj18 012017254 aa-1000  Oh, wonderful Peter, Kajsa's husband -- always happy and smiling. Peter, we could do with more people like you.
sj18 012016210 k-a-1000  Quite a group here. Siv leaning forward, Anna, Måns, Lisbet and Sara, physicist. sj18 012016222-aaa-1000  The other side of the table, Sara's husband Håkan and Kajsa's daughter Charlotta, the student of Japanese language sj18 012016220 aa-1000  Siv is talking with her hands with Anna, certainly about music. Daddy Måns watching. sj18 012017253 k-a-1000  Måns, the oncologist in Linköping came down for the BIG DAY, with wife Maria
sj18 012016211 k-a-1000  Åke, sister Lisbet's husband on the left, Peter and Måns' wife Maria. sj18 012017251 k-a-1000  Siv and Anna in lively conversation, clearly about music. sj18 012018204 cr-aaa-1000  My happy niece Kajsa, language teacher and mother of four, Charlotta the youngest one. John on her right. sj18 012018203 b-1000  Here we fin ally get a good look at Håkan -- next is Charlotta, Siv, Anna and Måns.
sj18 012018253 k-a-1000  Everybody is in this picture , except the photographer, my husband John. sj18 011911470 a-1000  Mayfair Hotel Tunneln' where John a nd I were staying in Malmö --100 meters from the theater museum. sj18 011909350 a-cr-1000  Siv at breakfast in the downstairs breakfast room at our hotel. sj18 011909320 cr-b-1000  John, the same, in the beautiful vaulted breakfast room.
sj18 012114211 a-1000  Rådhuset, the City Hall with the tower of St Petri Church behind it in the morning mist. sj18 011910300 a-1000  A few pictures of Malmö, now greatly improved in looks, on a misty Sunday morning. Pedestrian streets and squares make a huge difference. Hotel Kramer is the white château looking building. sj18 012113241 aaa-1000  The southern end of Stortorget withApoteket Lejonet, buisnbess buildings, The City Hall (Rådhuset) on the right and the white building is  the Mayor's residence. sj18 012114240 a-1000  Close-up of the Mayor's beautiful residence (Residenset)
sj18 012114030 aa-1000  'Lilla torget',(the small plaza)), had just been created when I lived and taught in Malmö 1963-64. 'Saluhallen' (les Halles) had to give way fo the berautiful old-style plaza. sj18 011910320 aaa-1000  Since Södergatan  became a pedestrian street, lots of improvements have taken place in central Malmö, among them this group, Optimistorkestern by Sjaak Kempe. sj18 011910530 a-1000  The second big plaza in central Malmö, Gustav Adolfs torg. Now also looking better than in my youth. Flower stands embellish the plaza. Again -- no traffic! sj18 012113491 a-1000  Nostalgia. Mother's first businelss was at 8B on Gustav Adolfs torg, the most modern building in Malmö at the time. At the time, 'Mohlins Foto', a neon sign, was above the entrance door. Show cases on the sides of the door, with ever changing photos.