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MALMÖ STADSTEATER – LEVANDE TEATER I BILD – Photos by Magda Molin covering the years 1945 through 1948, collected and treated by Siv Molin O'Neall, Lyon, France. This huge project could never have been undertaken and completed without the most capable and enthusiastic cooperation of Elzbieta Fasciszewska Lejczak, Manager at Malmö Opera Arkiv.
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Lyckan kommer
Min fru går igen (Blithe Spirit)
Bortom horisonten (Beyond the Horizon)
Cirkus Sanger (The Constant Nymph)
På tre man hand (Tre må man vaere)
Tjuvarnas bal (Le bal des voleurs)
Sex i elden (Out of the Frying Pan)
Äventyr på fotvandring
Vår lilla stad (Our Town)
Lycko-Pers resa (Lucky Pehr)ce in the Middle Ages
Född i går (Born Yesterday)
Sankta Johanna (Saint Joan)
Skattkammarön (Treasure Island)
Rakel och biografvaktmästaren (Rachel and the cinema doorman)
Kalifens son (The Caliph's Son)
Köpmannen i Venedig  (The Merchant of Venice)
Två skälmar i paradiset (Les gueux au paradis)
En skugga (A shadow)
Dödens arlekin (Death's Harlequin)

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