Family pictures from the 20th century
- families Israelsson and Johansson

Oscar and Bertha Israelsson around the time of their engagement in the early 1900s


 Family group taken around 1937 - Bertha, Oscar sitting  - Ossian, Magda and Gösta standing behind

Bertha around 1920

Morfar Oscar in front of the fireplace at  Kristinelundsvägen,  

                                                                                                   Malmö - Christmas 1938

Gun & Siv in the radio corner - the period style radio surmounted by a snowy Christmas decoration,
Malmö, Kristinelundsvägen -1938 (where we listened to Sven Jerrings Barnens Brevlåda - farbror Sven - every Thursday at 5, surrounded or not by friends, sitting on the floor)


4-generations photo probably taken at Södregården, Lenhovda, Småland, around 1937

Morfar Oscar at Kvarnhem, Skåne, dressed up by
Mamma in working clothes - around 1945
Snapshot of Gun, Jeppe & Siv - taken in Vaggeryd, Småland,
around 1936

       Mamma as a vamp - photos taken by the mysterious photographer TH in 1936           

We are still in Vaggeryd, Småland, here - around 1937
Vaggeryd around 1936 - Gun is clowning

Gun about 8 years old - 1938
Siv about 5, probably taken in Malmö - 1938

Moster Sigrid and mormor. Photo probably taken in Lenhovda on the same occasion as the 4-generation photo above, around 1937. Greatgrandma Lovisa in in the background - and cousin Ingrid (?)
Greatgrandma Lovisa 80 years old, november 1943,
Södregården, Lenhovda. Photo of her oldest son Herman
on the wall behind her

Mamma in her new "atelier" on Gustav Adolfs torg 8b,
Malmö - 1938

Mormor 70 years old, 1955 - Hunnamåla, Småland

Jacob - mamma's youngest uncle in Borås and her first
Close-up of memorable greatgrandma Lovisa -
80 years old

Pappa - around 1946
Pappa Gun & Siv down at lake Hjortsjön close to
- around 1936.
My favorite picture, ever!

Party at Mariedalsvägen, Malmö, for Polyfötterna around 1944.
big surprise, pappa was there! They were Mildred &
Hildur & Siv  (if I remember right)
Mamma at the height of her glory - two new silver medals and
newly engaged to Arne - 1946


Two very important members of our family

     during the years on Limhamnsvägen, Malmö, and later
     - Sappo, German shepherd, & Figaro (Vite-Figge)

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