Sketches from the Life of a Wandering Swede

My book in progress is going to deal with momentous events in my life.

Prologue A look back in history – Tante Gerda

Chapter 1 My family, some history and my childhood

Chapter 2 Copenhagen and theater

Chapter 3 Lapland and Lofoten, Norway

Chapter 3 –– Part Two – Abisko, Kungsleden and Kebnekajse

Chapter 3 –– Part Three – Reindeer branding

Chapter 3 –– Part Four – Climbing Kebnekajse

Chapter 3 –– Part Five – Lapland, three years later

Chapter 4 My youth and the theater

Chapter 5 Piece in major and minor

Chapter 6 – Part 1; Studies and an interlude about World War II

Chapter 6 – Part 2; Lund University

Chapter 7 England, Cambridge

Chapter 8 England, London

Chapter 9Lund – a Love story

Chapter 10 Stockholm theater

Chapter 11Marriage and teaching

Chapter 12 An Interlude in Dreamland

Chapter 13 Arne and Drottningholm Theater

Chapter 14 Stockholm and some history

Chapter 15 Paris is worth a mass

Chapter 16 My wonderful new family

Chapter 17 The Americanization of Siv

Chapter 18 My new country

Chapter 19 New York, New York

Chapter 20 New York City Theater – another love story

Chapter 21Part 1 Mamaroneck High School and Friends

Chapter 21 – Part 2 – Mamaroneck High School and Theater

Chapter 22 – My fourth life begins

Chapter 23 Travels with John in the summer of ’71

Chapter 24– An active year with John in New Rochelle

Chapter 25 – Back to Paris

 Chapter 26 – Ecole Centrale and great friends in Paris

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