Here is a summary of our favorite walks in the Brandnertal and the nearby Montafon Valley.

Distance (km)
Climb (m)
Approx. time (hr)
Brief description
10.5 km
500 m

Starting at the top of the Niggenkopfbahn, a beautiful walk along a ridge and up to a pass (Joch), with the possibility of returning via the gorgeous Lorenzi Tal.
4 km
400 m
2 hr
Good for getting in form, steep, zigzagging walk from the end of the valley up to the Douglass-Hütte.
3.5 km
300 m
2-3 hr
This is the first walk you'll take if you're not in shape when you arrive. It's pretty and shaded and cool and easy, good for a hot, calm Ruhetag (rest day).
8 km
500 m
6 hr
Our favorite. With the Totalp and the view into Switzerland, what more could you ask? Wonderful flowers? You got 'em.
Glinga Weg
4 km
300 m
1.5 hr
A nice, shady walk along a stream to a natural spring, the Glingabrunnen; good for a hot day. If you have the energy, you should go on to the Untere- or Obere-Brüggele-Alp.
Golmer-Höhe-Weg to the Geissspitze
11 km
650 m
6 hr
One of our favorites, tho not really in the Brandnertal (but not far off), a beautiful walk from the top of the Golmerbahn along a ridge and up to the peak of the Geissspitze. Magnificent view of the Drei Turme.
Lünerkrinne + Lünersee Tour
8 km
175 m
3 hr
The standard first-day walk, around the beautiful Lünersee, with a short detour to the Lünerkrinne to be able to climb a little.
Mannheimer-Hütte via the Sudwandsteig
7.5 km
1000 m

Easier than going by the Leibersteig and magnificent in its own way, we're really happy to have made this walk around the south side of Scesaplana and over the Brandner Gletscher to the Mannheimer-Hütte.
Obere-Brüggele Alp
9 km
650 m

A fairly pleasant walk to a restored house just above the tree line.
Obere-Sonnenlagant Alpe
6 km
600 m
4 hr
Next to the circus at the end of the Brandnertal, a walk up to an old hut with lovely views over the valley and ... the sheep.
Sarotla Hütte

700 m

An exceptionally beautiful valley, with lots of flowers (especially Eisenhut) leading up to one of the most sympathique huts of the area.
7 km
420 m
5-6 hr
The Saulajoch is a flat pass, unlike the ridge of the Amatschonjoch, with many beautiful flower (Enzian) and, if you're lucky, Murmeltiere. If you have more energy, you can climb the Saulakopf.
Süd Schafgafal
4 km
440 m
3-4 hr
This steep climb up from the Douglass-Hütte has a splendid view over the Lünersee as well as toward the Montafon Valley.