Red-and-yellow barbet Slate-colored boubou Kori bustard Looks like an augur buzzard, but the legs are too long Grey-crowned crane
Ring-necked doves Maybe an African fish eagle, though there are not many fish around here Crested francolin Egyptian goose Helmeted guineafowl
Hamerkop Grey heron African hoopoe African grey hornbill Silvery-cheeked hornbill, somewhat hidden by leaves
Sacred ibis Gray-headed kingfisher Blacksmith lapwing Fischer's lovebird Blue-naped mousebird
Common ostrich, female (Helena) Common ostrich, male (Herman), with ruffled tail feathers Yellow-billed oxpecker, here "pecking" a giraffe Lilac-breasted roller Ruff
Secretary bird Magpie shrike Magpie shrike, shows long tail Long-tailed fiscal shrike African spoonbill
Yellow-necked spurfowl Kenrick's starling Shelley's starling Superb starling Maribou stork
Saddle-billed stork If this had a red bill, it could be a white stork Yellow-billed stork Red-rumped (or mosque?) swallow Vulture, perhaps African white-backed or Rüppell's griffon
Marsh weaver (maybe either compact or Ruffel's) White-headed buffalo weaver