In Varanasi, we did no site-seeing. Instead, we spent many hours with foster daughter Sampa and her charming mother, Vimla, and John took a flute lesson.
Dawn at the Ganga in Varanasi: a pie-dog strolling on the accumulated river sediment.  in14 020807011 j We have seen the dawn here many times and it is always splendid.  in14 020807050 j What are those goats doing up there?  in14 020807070 j John's favorite observation spot.  in14 020807090 j View from the spot across Assi Ghat. Lots of sediment after the monsoon floods this year.  in14 020807101 j
A nap on the ghat. Or is this home?  in14 020807200 j Cow, dog and garbage in the street.  in14 020807551 j Mother dog and her young brood.  in14 020808190 j Moving the dust around.  in14 020808193 j Tulsi Ghat looking towards Dashasvamedh Ghat.  in14 020808230 j
Shopping in a mall with Sampa and Vimla.  in14 020912472 s Just like an Amerian or European girl.  in14 020913071 s Nice store.  in14 020913270 s Lunch at the food court.  in14 020914291 s A flute lesson  in14 020917440 s
John and his flute master -- the flutist of Assi Ghat. We have met several times over the years.  in14 020917451 s Vimla teaching at Gangotri School -- now closed, since Spring, 2015, other schools having taken in the students.  in14 021010440 j Vimla, Siv and Sampa  in14 021011500 j John, Vimla and Sampa at Assi Ghat  in14 021012000 j Siv, Vimla and Sampa at Assi Ghat  in14 021012013 j
Leaving polluted Varanasi.  in14 021012160 j Varanasi traffic  in14 021012280 j Thank you! Sniff, anyway...  in14 021013230 j The new airport, apparently designed to waste a vast quantity of energy.  in14 021013231 j Farewell!  in14 021013270 j