Train Delhi to Gwalior

First and last time we took a train in India. Interesting experience. The train left at least 2 hours late, maybe later. We seem to have repressed that. Anyway, Ja hai India, darling.
The New Delhi station is smaller than we had expected.  in14 013014430 j ab Using his head  in14 013014480 j Trains in the station. Ours was there, but could not leave for some reason we never understood.  in14 013014500 j Our compartment. Fortunately, it was first class. The lump under the blanket is Siv. An Indian gentleman literally moved into the lower bunk on the right. Find the photographer!  in14 013016022 j Makeshift lodgings along the track.  in14 013016040 j
Mosque being repaired in smog.  in14 013016050 j Collecting garbage and drying their laundry...  in14 013016131 j Pleasant Indian fields in the haze.  in14 013017110 j a