Light and colors of Iceland

Photos from trip to amazing Iceland, 26 Aug to 08 Sep 2014.
Basalt rocks at the Allmanagja cleft; law rock in background, at flag Mist from the crash of water into a gorge at Gullfoss Rainbow at Gullfoss Colors of dawn near Gulffoss
Clear blue -- and scalding -- water of Blesi pool at Geysir Beginning of an eruption of Strokkur geyser at Geysir Geysir Hot Springs  area lying against the red spot on the green hills, with Strokkur geyser erupting Gravelled route 35 leading north from Gullfoss
Dirty-looking white of Langjökull (glacier) seen from Skalpanes Slopes of Blafell near Skalpanes Afternoon light on route 35 north of Gullfoss White water at Gullfoss
Absolutly flat and desolate lava field along the road (recognizable almost only by the yellow road markers) in the Naefurholtsfjöll left from eruptions of Hekla ("the queen of Icelandic volcanoes") - only brown and black colors. Incredible! Cheerier colors out on the south coast Green of the slopes of Petersey and gray-white of the Mýrdalsjökull (glacier) White waves crashing on the black beach at Reynisfjara near Vik on the south coast
Colors of evanescent "jewels" from prismatic effects of the sea foam Gravel and green on mountain route F208 (F roads not for 2wd or low-slung vehicles!) to Landmannalaugur Puddles in the road, F208, to Landmannalaugur Looking past the green to the mountains at Landmannalaugur
Mountains near Landmannalaugur Green, river and road near Landmannalaugur Ford on the F208 to Landmannalaugur White canopies of water at Skogafoss
Pink, white and blue in the church at the marvellous Skógar Folk Museum Akureyri on its fjord, its colors and angular forms set off from the bluish landscape Fields, mountains and clouds east of Akureyri Autumn colors and lava formations at Dimmuborgir on the east shore of Myvatn
Dimmuborgir Mountains north-east of Myvatnm near Námaskarð, a pass over the Namafjall Incredible colors near Námaskarð Near Námaskarð
Dalfjall, where plate tectonics are splitting the mountain in two Sulphurous steam escaping from a vent at Hverir geothermal area Colors of dissolved minerals left after evaporation at Hverir Under the soil of Hverir, red
Escaping steam at Hverir Colors from dissolved minerals Looking from Hverir towards the Krafla volcanic area Steam vent on the slopes of Leirhnjúkur
Leirhnjúkur Color of dissolved minerals on Leirhnjúkur Colors near Leirhnjúkur Distant islands floating in a black sea (really a lava field) north-west of Leirhnjúkur
Hot springs on Leirhnjúkur Hlíðarfjall, one of the most recognizable peaks in the Myvatn area Dried lava Flat, black flow and irregular flow against green
Green Dried lava and slopes of Leirhnjúkur Dark gray ... and red! Geothermal plant at Bjarnarflag, NE Myvatn
Klasar, created when hot lava came into contact with moisture and exploded, at Kálfaströnd, east shore of Myvatn Kálfaströnd with Mount ??? in background Colors of sheep at the annual autumn sheep roundup, which we were lucky to see as we were leaving Myvatn