Early flight to Akureyri. We looked at it only a bit before driving on to Myvatn (another beautiful drive), but looked around some more on our way back.
Pretty Akureyri, on the Eyjafjörður, the longest fjord in Iceland. The picture is looking along the length of the fjord, the town being on a thumb of landing sticking out into it. The Akureyrarkirkja was desinged by the same architect who did the Halgrimmskirkja in Reykjavik. Akureyrarkirkja Quaint old house Houses near fjord
Looking across the fjord at hills on the other side View towards the town of Akureyri Looking north up the length of the Eyjafjörður Water bird, but what? Road leading up the eastern side of the Eyjafjörður
After turninig inland (westwards), we came down into a gorgeous valley. Green and white, valley and mountains A farm stands on the narrow plain below erosion patterns on the green mountainside. A small stream has cut a steep valley On the road to Mývatn, Goðafoss is one of the many scenic waterfalls we saw.
It's big too. Swedish photographer on the edge of a lovely cliff Goðafoss on the Skjálfandafljót River is14 090411150 s b