Camvillia and environs

We once again stayed at the Camvillia Resort, enjoying the pool and environs.
We had the same room as in 2017, with a lovely view across the Bay of Messina to the Mani on the other side. Curious patterns on the morning waters.  gr18 092205581 k Sunrise over the Mani.  gr18 092206280 k The flat gray expanse at the bottom is the infinity pool.  gr18 092306292 k rca Camvillia Resort. The restaurant is on the upper floor and terrace.  gr18 092306331 k
Morning flowers.  gr18 092306362 k Morning light on the church.  gr18 092306381 k Curious fruit. Some sort of gourd?  gr18 092306390 k Bread in a bakery in Koroni.  gr18 092310540 k
American  tourist in Koroni.  gr18 092310581 s-r2 Koroni is built on the flank of the hill.  gr18 092310591 s Steep steps  gr18 092311020 s-r-a Koroni cat.  gr18 092311030 s
The bay of Koroni.  gr18 092311120 s Gorgeous colors of the water.  gr18 092311160 k Along the bayside, nothing but restaurants.  gr18 092311240 s c This beautiful kitty helped us with our fish. Nice cat.  gr18 092312161 k
Koroni and its bay.  gr18 092312531 s Koroni.  gr18 092312515 k We filled up at a gas station where the owner was very nice and insisted I come look at his cats. Nice man. Nice cats, too.  gr18 092312570 k ca The nearby Akti Restaurant is just above the beautiful Peroulia Beach.  gr18 092513260 k
We first met this nice kitty in 2017. Good to see he is still there. He likes fish. Funniest thing.  gr18 092512590 k View from the restaurant of the Bay of Messina.  gr18 092513330 k Peroulia Beach, where the Camvillia Resort has their beach.  gr18 092512320 k Rocks and green water.  gr18 092513451 k
Beautiful clear water.  gr18 092513390 k Down at the beach.  gr18 092513471 k American tourist at Peroulia Beach.  gr18 092513430 k xy