The Temple of Epicurian Zeus at Bassae, between Olympia and Kalamata, is preserved in a high-tech tent.
The Temple of Epicurean Zeus is in beautiful, remote mountainous country at an altitude of 1130 m.  gr18 092110400 k First view of the "tent".  gr18 092110410 k Inside: Note that the columns on the left (the west side) are not all parallel.  gr18 092110480 s Inside the outer row of columns.  gr18 092110464 k
An American tourist at Bassae.  gr18 092110510 s A Swedish tourist at Bassae.  gr18 092110511 k The temple as it appeared in 1880.  gr18 092213260 k pcabg Here you can see the crooked columns. All the statuary was removed British scoundrels in the mid-19th century and carted off to London to be displayed in the British Museum along with the statuary they had stolen outright from the Acropolis in Athens. One more example of Europeans screwing the poor Greeks. Give them back, Brits.  gr18 092111060 s
The north side is the original entrance to the temple.  gr18 092111101 k The "tent" viewed from the west.  gr18 092111140 k Lots of stuff still be put back together.  gr18 092111100 s