On Amorgos, we spent five nights, which was about perfect. Amorgos has the most beautiful scenery of the three islands we visited, being the most mountainous of them.
Our tiny balcony at Aegialis Hotel & Spa Tholaria, just up the hill from our hotel Church of Tholaria Locals in cafe at Tholaria Tourist at Tholaria
Aigiali Bay Sunset over AIgiali Bay and Nikouria Island The boat which brought us here, the Skopilitis of the Small Cyclades Line, another day The Skopilitis gr15 091512160 j
gr15 091512161 s r2 13th-c. Venitian citadel of Chora These terraces look to be quite old. Entering Chora, with its  houses and citadel. Cat loving
Resting tourist Lovely street -- not for motor vehicles of any sort gr15 091513112 s-m Shady street Chora Archaeological Museum
Chora Archaeological Museum Church and bougainvillea and white walls -- the Cyclades Bougainvillea Florida-style hibiscus Streets for strolling
A steeper street Many windmills (out of service) at Chora John took a walk one day from Langada to a small monastery. Here is a small Greek vineyard. The walk follows a mule path. Stone steps and a donkey. Even here, the steps have the edge painted to make them easily visible.
This shepherd suddenly wandered out of the brush with two dogs. After a kilometer or two, the path reached the Panagia Epanochoriani, a small and very neat monastery. It seemed deserted. In India we only see dogs, but in Greece, cats abound, like this handsome grey moggie. Looking out over Nikouria Island, which bounds Aigiali Bay on the south. The sea is visible to the east of the monastery too. A very peaceful place.
Some of the cats of the Panagia Epanochoriani. The church has a lovely blue dome. On the way back, a look at Strombos almost buried in a valley. Levrosos beach, a small beach below our hotel Port of Aigiali
Port of Aigiali Fishing boat gr15 091617140 s Nikouria Island seen from Aigiali More cat loving
Aigiali Beach, tourist taking picture of ... ... tourist taking picture of ... This cat was well camouflaged against the fishing nets. Aigiali Beach and town Aigiali port
Levrosos Beach and Nikouria Island Tholaria seen from Langada Aigiali Bay Looking back at Langada