In, or should we say on, Naxos, we spent 4 nights. We would have enjoyed more.
Boarding the ferry to Naxos at 06:30! Cute little boat. Leaving Piraeus behind us All there is of the Temple of Apollo on an islet off Naxos port. Chora, or Naxos City Our two (!) balconies at the lovely Villa Romantica
Nice architecture All the apartments look over the pool. The Paradiso Taverna became our cantine. A happy diner with after-lunch coffee This cat climbed the cedar tree to get onto the pergola at the taverna.
Beach and tables of the Paradiso Taverna She floats well. Mountains in the interior of Naxos The path up to the Temple of Demeter is bordered with nerium (oleander) The Temle of Demeter was built in 530 BCE and is considered by some to be a model for the Parthenon.
The Temple of Demeter is out in nature, away from towns, on a hill. Cactuses on the way from the temple and  onwards. Striped mountains We saw lots and lots of bougainvilea, like this one in Halki. Bougainvilea and bike
Small square in Halki The "boys" of Halki Panagia Drossiani, Byzantine church from early 6th c. Bells of the Panagia Drossiani The back of the Panagia Drossiani
Adjoining chapels behind the Panagia Drossiani Gorgeous bougainvillea Fresco of Agios Georgios on a horse with a little boy on the saddle behind him Dome of Pangia Drossiani More frescos, maybe saints, in the Panagia Drossiani
Side chapel The interior of Naxos is quite hilly and wild. Nerium (oleander) Spiderman going after Eldibi, daughter of the Villa Romantica owners. This was a rare moment when she was not in the pool. A walk on Plaka Beach before breakfast.
Foam among the rocks Footprints coming out