Zaros is a nice village and an excellent location for visiting ancient ruins, especially Phaestos.
Rouvas Gorge above the entrance to Eleonas Traditional Cottages  gr16 093013401 j The terrace  gr16 093013402 j The interior of the cottages at Eleonas Traiditional Cottages,  a few km outside Zaros, is nicely done. Except...  gr16 092710250 j ... the bed is upstairs. 'Course that's fine for vigorous young people.  gr16 092710251 j
Rouvas Gorge, with the garish new monastery church  gr16 092710373 j Looking up at some of the cottages  gr16 092710380 j John set out to walk up to the monastery, but got on the wrong path.  gr16 092710550 j By the time he found the right path, he was too tired (It was very hot.) to make it up there.  gr16 092710590 j
The walk was worth it for the beautiful path -- the correct one.  gr16 092711341 j I met some friendly goats on the way...  gr16 092711380 j ... especially this one with a bell.  gr16 092711382 j a What is this flower?  gr16 092711452 j
A cultivated flower near the restaurant.  gr16 092712030 j The swimming pool is small but nice. And warm.  gr16 092712050 j The pool is kidney shaped.  gr16 093010080 j I've forgot what this tree is but it was  full  of bees like the one in the middle. You heard the buzzing from a couple meters away.  gr16 093010090 j
Another bee  gr16 093010094 j