Voyage en felouque

View from a felucca

We made two boat tours in Aswan, one in a felucca, the other in a motor boat. The felucca took us to Kitchener's Island, where there is a beautiful botanical garden, installed there in 1928 by Lord Kitchener, consul general and commander of the Egyptian army.

L'Ile Kitchener L'Ile Kitchener
Kitchener's Island The botanical garden reminds us of Florida
L'Ile Kitchener Près de l'Ile Kitchener
Bougainvilleas in the botanical garden A singing boat-boy

Leaving the island, one is sure to be accosted by a small boat barely big enough to hold a young boy, who will sing a melody from your home country. We were regaled with "Gentille al-lou-et-te", sung with much gusto.

Another day, we took a tour in a motor boat which took us to the Elephantine Island, where we made a fascinating walk and visited the Nubian village which has been settled there. We then navigated among the numerous small islands in the region, before stopping at a beach and taking a plunge in the mythical river! Exactly in the middle of the picture, one can see the beach on the left (west) bank of the Nile where we took a dip. The beach here is even wider than those in Florida, since it's the beginning of the desert!

La plage sur le Nile

Les baigneurs

"Les baigneurs"

We also stopped on a small island to look at some ostriches!

Autruche Jolie petit île
An Egyptian ostrich A pretty and flowery island

Des felouques

Beautiful feluccas

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