The ghats of Varanasi/Banares

A boat trip down the Ganga from Assi Ghat to Panchaganga Ghat
Worshippers at Assi Ghat on the day of the Shivaratri festival Ganga Mahal (left) and Reewa Ghats Reewa and Tulsi Ghats Tulsi Ghat
Tulsi Ghat ? Bhadini Ghat and one of the intakes for the city's water supply Washing in the rejected water
Bhadaini Ghat Janki Ghat Anandhamyi Ghat and Ashram Vatsyaraja Ghat
Jain Ghat Shrinishabraj or Nishad Ghat Panchakot Ghat Prabhu Ghat and dhobis (clothes washers)
Chet Singh Ghat, site of a battle between the troops of Warren Hastings and Chet Singh in 1781 Niranjani and Mahanirvani Ghats Mahanivani and Shivala Ghats Gularia and Dandi Ghats
Dandi and Hanuman Ghats Karnataka State and Harishchandra Ghats; Harishchandra is a cremation ghat Rest of Harishchandra Ghat Lali Ghat
Vijayanagaram Ghat, with Swami Karapatri Ashram, and Kedar Ghat Kedar Ghat and temple of Kedareshvara Between Kedar and Chauki Ghats Chauki Ghat
Kshaneshwar Ghat Manasowar Ghat Narad Ghat Raja Ghat
Babua Pandey Ghat Panday Ghat Panday and Digpatiya Ghats Digpatiya Ghat and the "Kashi Ashram"
Chousatti Ghat Ranamahal, Darbhanga and Munshi Ghats Darbhanga Ghat Munshi Ghat
Ahilyabai Ghat Shitala, Dashashwamedh and Prayah Ghats Dashashwamedh and Pryagag Ghats Rajendraprasad Ghat, named in memory and honour of the first president of India (1950-1962)
Man Mandir Ghat More of Man Mandir Ghat Tripurabharavi Ghat Meer Ghat (Alka Hotel)
Naya Ghat (?) Nepali Ghat and Temple Lalita Ghat Jalasen and Manikarnika Ghats
Khirki and Manikarnika Ghats Manikarnika Ghat, the main cremation ghat Manikarnika Ghat Scindia Ghat
View toward Panchanganga Ghat (mosque) Sankata and second Ganga Mahal Ghats Gangamahal and Bohnsale Ghats Bohnsale Ghat
Ganesh Ghat Mehta Ghat and Hospital Ram Ghat Ram , Jatar and Raja Gwalior Ghats
Panchaganga Ghat Panchaganga Ghat and  the Alamgir Mosque, built by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb Panchaganga Ghat Alamgir Mosque at Panchaganga Ghat
Alamgir Mosque Looking on towards Durga Ghat ... ... and on ... ... and on toward Adikeshava Ghat (white steeple) and the bridge over the Ganga