Drive to Serengeti

We drove from Mto wa Mbo and through the jungle up to the crest of the Ngorongoro Crater. That is an amazing sight, but perhaps not much more so than the enormous Malanja Depression one crosses shortly afterwards.
Maasai on a bicycle, his cape flowing in the breeze Manny said some travellers thought this part of Tanzania reminded them of Tuscany! In Karatu Karatu is mostly spread out along the highway.
One loaded ox-cart In the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, climbing up through a jungle toward the rim of the crater On the way to Serengeti, we stopped to admire the Ngorongoro Crater, with nearly dried-up Lake Magadi. Tourists at the crater
The drive from Ngorongoro to Serengeti is almost literally fantastic, crossing the enormous Malanja Depression between the mountains. Incredible scenery Incredible scenery A Maasai boma
The boma is surrounded by a wall to protect the residents from lions. Maasai leading a large herd This huge herd of cows is almost lost in the vast landscape. Shadows on the land
A giraffe along the roadside Cloud shadows on the hillsides Curious monolith in the Olduvai Gorge Olduvai Gorge, looking westwards towards the Serengeti
Another colorful African bird, a Red-and-yellow Barbet ... and friend Scene of the digs where the Leakeys discovered Homo habilis and much more