Siracusa is quite simply a wonderful place to visit. One can spend many pleasant hours strolling through the narrow lanes of the old town, Ortygia. The Piazza del Duomo is the center of the area. We found a good lunch cafe there and stuck with it. The archeological museum and park are excellent. We may go back!
si13 052611131 j  Piazza del Duomo, on the island of Ortygia, the old part of Siracusa si13 052614102 s  Fonte Aretusa and boats in the bay on a sunny Sunday afternoon si13 052614110 s  Fonte Aretusa si13 052614141 j  Papyrus plants in the Fonte Aretusa
si13 052612032 j  Boats next to the ramparts of Ortygia si13 052614190 s  Huge boats (actually, ships) and local sunbathers si13 052611300 j  An aquatic social gathering si13 052611440 j  The Castello Maniace, on the southern tip of Ortygia, dates from the 13th century.
si13 052611470 j  Castello Maniace si13 052618360 j  Duomo in setting-sun light si13 052612530 j  Saint and balloons in front of the Duomo si13 052618361 j  Saint, lighted by the setting sun, and balloons in front of the Duomo
si13 052717350 j  The Duomo incorporates the ancient Temple of Minerva, whose columns are visible along the north wall. si13 052711041 j  Wonderful spring flowers si13 052711160 j  The Greek theater, unfortunately masked by bleachers si13 052711260 j  Pretty flowers in the Neapolis Archeological Zone
si13 052711321 j  Orecchio di Dioniso (Ear of Dionysus), a quarry in the Neapolis Archeological Zone si13 052711411 s  Orecchio di Dioniso si13 052711510 s  Funny stone pillar si13 052712021 cr2 a s  Old quarries and carved-out houses in the archeological zone
si13 052711580 s  Altar of Hieron II, in the Parco Archeologico si13 052712050 s a  Park and Roman amphitheater si13 052712081 91 cr aa  Roman amphitheater si13 052810171 j  Ruins of the Temple of Apollo
si13 052810174 j  Through a window of the Temple of Apollo, the daily market si13 052810200 j  Ortygia market si13 052810221 j  Really fresh fish si13 052810240 j  Fruit
si13 052810260 j  Charcuterie si13 052810390 jc  A street in Ortygia si13 052810480 j  Fountain in the PIazza Archimede si13 052810550 j c4  Another narrow street
si13 052811570 j  Salad Capresi at the Caffé la Piazza in the Piazza del Duomo si13 052815011 s  Park of the Museo Archeologico Regionale si13 052815042 j  Museo Archeologico Regionale si13 052815191 j  Museo Archeologico, door slabs with reliefs "thought to be a diagrammatic representation of the sexual act." Early Bronze Age, 22nd-15th c. BCE.
si13 052815240 j  Museo Archeologico si13 052815250 j  Museo Archeologico, restored pots and vases si13 052815560 j  Corinthian perfume vase in the form of a lion, end of 7th to first quarter 6th c. BCE. si13 052815581 s  Beautiful Greek vases
si13 052816140 j xc  The so-called Landolina Venus, beloved of Maupassant; a 2nd c. Roman copy of a Greek statue from around 300-400 years earlier. (Arm supports airbrushed out.) si13 052816190 j  Another gorgeous female statue si13 052816280 s  Santuario della Madonna delle Lacrime si13 052816351 j  Santuario della Madonna delle Lacrime
si13 052817020 j  Eastern shore of Ortygia si13 052909583 s  Waves on the coast of Ortygia si13 052909512 s  A very narrow street si13 052910061 cr a s  Street of Ortygia
si13 052910221 s  Tourist on the Duomo steps si13 052910433 s  Eastern shore of Ortygia