Piazza Armerina

Our GPS had been badly programmed (wrong street), so we almost got into trouble arriving in Piazza Armerina. But we visited Morgantina and the Villa Romana del Casale from there. We also found a couple of nice restaurants.
si13 052316062 j  View of the town of Piazza Armerina from our B&B, la Casa sulla Collina si13 052316150 j  They love cats in that B&B. si13 052316192 j  Big 'uns and wee 'uns si13 052510060 s cr aa  Playing kittens
si13 052410241 j  Hilltop near Villa Romana del Casale si13 052410440 j  The Villa Romana del Casale. part of a Roman estate from the 3rd-4th centuries, possesses many well-preserved floor mosaics. It was buried by a flood of mud in the 12th century and so preserved hidden until the 19th century. si13 052410530 s a  Circus hall with chariot-race mosaics si13 052410540 j  Circus hall
si13 052410570 j b  Animal mosaics si13 052411020 j  Many floors are paved with mosaics of animal heads. si13 052410572 j  Ionic columns in the atrium si13 052411081 s a  Hunting scenes
si13 052411130 s a  Fishing scenes si13 052411150 j b2  Rabbit hiding in a bush si13 052411152 j b2  Boar hunt si13 052411211 j b  An elephant
si13 052411212 j b  A boat si13 052411230 j b  A rhinoceros si13 052411291 j a  Men and cattle si13 052411440 j b  A lion killing and antelope
si13 052411471 j a  Cupids fishing si13 052411591 j  Tropical trees si13 052415340 j  The site of Morgantina has been inhabited since the Bronze Age. It was settled by people from Latium around 1000 BCE, then settled by Greeks and Romans. View overlooking the Agora, with the market in the middle. si13 052415391 j  Market and stalls
si13 052415404 j  Remains of hillside residential quarter si13 052415410 j  Amazing landscape to the east and north si13 052415521 j  The theater, constructed at the end of the 4th century BCE si13 052415530 j  The theater steps could seat about 1000 spectators.
si13 052416001 j  Theater seen across the agora si13 052416080 j  Market and theater si13 052416120 j  These steps divided the agora si13 052416181 j  Curious landscape, with rocky ridges pushing up through gentle hills