Caltabellotta is barely mentioned by the guide books, but was one of the most fascinating places we visited. A narrow but excellent road winds up from the Mediterranean coast through gorgeous hills to this city on the top of a hill at 950m. The streets leading up through the town are as narrow and winding as anyone could wish for. We were too busy to take pictures of them. The castle on the rock was given its form by the Arabs, who called it Kal'at-al ballut (rockof the oak trees).
si13 052113510 j b1  Gorgeous hills, rocks and fields near Caltabellotta si13 052113543 j aa  The road winds up to Caltabellotta. si13 052113590 j a  Rocky outcrops above the hills si13 052114091 j a  Caltabellotta and the rock
si13 052114393 j  Cattedrale (11th c.) si13 052114211 j  Cattedrale (11th c.) si13 052114220 j a  Remains of the castle on the rock si13 052114282 j  The rock of Monte Castello
si13 052114283 j  Rooftops of Caltabellotta si13 052114360 s  Balanced rock on the northern slope si13 052114372 j  View down into the valley to the north