The twelth-century cathedral of Monreale, near Palermo, has a wonderful mosaiced interior and a beautiful, very large cloister.
si13 052010413 j  Monreale Duomo, 12th c. si13 052010391 j  Gold mosaics si13 052010510 j  Organ si13 052010410 j  Mosaics around the nave
si13 052010523 j  Painted ceiling si13 052010550 j  Carved and painted ceiling si13 052011120 j  Mosaics si13 052011182 j  Nave
si13 052011190 j  Mosaics telling stories si13 052011191 j  Ceiling and arch si13 052011341 j  The huge cloister has 228 double columns. si13 052011352 j  The columns are all differently decorated.
si13 052011410 j xb  The large cloister is beside the nave of the duomo. si13 052011411 j  Inside the cloister is a mini-cloister with a fountain. si13 052011440 j  Happy European tourist si13 052012041 s  The site is quite hilly.
si13 052011510 j  Beautiful columns si13 052011492 j  Decorated columns si13 052011500 j  Sculpted columns si13 052011520 j  Columns
si13 052011510 s  Mini-cloister and fountain si13 052011591 j  Mini-cloister and fountain si13 052012030 s aa  Mini-cloister and fountain si13 052011490 j  Capital with two men fightin
si13 052012080 s cr a  Left, a talking snake offers Eve an apple; right, an angel driiving Adam and Eve out of Paradise. si13 052012160 s cr2 a  PIazza Vittorio Emanuele si13 052013094 j  View over Palermo on the Tyrrhenian Sea si13 052013374 s bb  En route, and what routes!
si13 052013580 j  Landscape and, in the distance, highway viaduct si13 052013581 j  There are many raised viaducts to make the rough places plane.