We got a taxi direct from the airport to Sintra, as we did not want to drive unfamiliar roads at night. During the following two days we explored this beautiful but very touristy town.
pt13 092012010 j  The Palacio Nacional in Sintra, rebuilt by the king, Dom Joao I , who defeated the Castilian rulers and reigned from 1385 to 1433. The building shows the influence of the Moors who ruled Portugal until the Reconquista in 1139. pt13 092012110 j ac  The palace seen from the opposite hill pt13 092012130 j b  Entry to the very pretty Merenda Park pt13 092012191 j  Light and dark in the Merenda Park
pt13 092018122 j  A large hall in the Palacio Nacional pt13 092018160 j  Ceiling of the Sala dos Cisnes, the Hall of Swans pt13 092018220 j  Sala das Pegas, or Magpie Room pt13 092018230 j b  Mosaics and fireplace of the Sala das Pegas
pt13 092018201 s  The ceiling shows, of course, magpies, in reference to the gossiping ladies of the court. pt13 092018210 j  Splendid mosaics of the Sala das Pegas pt13 092018230 s  Bedroom pt13 092018234 j  More beautiful mosaics
pt13 092018330 j  Magnificent desk pt13 092018340 j  Ships painted on the ceiling symbolize Portugese exploration of the world. pt13 092018480 j  Sala dos Brasoes pt13 092018430 j  The blasoes are the blazons of 72 noble families.
pt13 092018490 s  A simple but lovely bedroom pt13 092018590 j  The kitchens pt13 092019040 s  Sintra seen from the entry to the palace pt13 092019050 j  On top of the hill is the 9th-century Castelos dos Mouros, the Moorish Castle.
pt13 092019102 j  Hill and castle pt13 092019220 j  Happy Swedish tourist at the palace pt13 092111080 j  Behind an empty palace, the Palacio da Pena and its chapel pt13 092111350 j  Palacio da Pena
pt13 092112030 j  The park of the palace is filled with kitschy caverns, waterfalls and various buildings. pt13 092112252 j  In the park of the Palacio da Pena pt13 092117481 j  Lovely woodsy walk to the Castelo dos Mouros pt13 092117470 s  Flowers on the walk to the Castelo dos Mouros
pt13 092117480 j  Very pretty, but what is it? pt13 092118050 j  Castelo dos Mouros pt13 092118080 j  Palacio Nacional (and our hotel) viewed from the Castelo dos Mouros pt13 092118090 j  Palacio Nacional viewed from the Castelo dos Mouros
pt13 092118120 s  Castelo dos Mouros pt13 092118141 j  Steep stairways in the Castelo dos Mouros pt13 092118200 j  There's that happy Swede again. pt13 092118450 s a