Óbidos is again very touristy, but very pretty. We spent four days there, during two of which we visited nearby sites of interest.
pt13 092610370 j  Main gateway into Óbidos, the Porta da Vila pt13 092318151 j c  The main street, Rua Direita, leads from the Porta da Vila to the castle. pt13 092610380 j  Tile roofs, church steep and castle towers pt13 092218390 j  Nice bookstore
pt13 092318152 j b  The castle towers pt13 092512110 j  Cat next to our hotel pt13 092318211 j  Town walls of Óbidos pt13 092319010 j  Pretty, old cobblestones
pt13 092318231 j  Exterior of the town walls pt13 092318260 j rc  View while walkin' the walls pt13 092318392 j  Town wall and autostrada bridge pt13 092318451 j  Wonder what he did to deserve that?
pt13 092318480 j  The 14th-century northern facade of the castle pt13 092319100 j  Igreja de Santa Maria, across the main square pt13 092319121 j  Blue azulejos inside Santa Maria pt13 092523080 j  Not a cat in the Rua Direita at night...
pt13 092523020 j  Glistening cobbles pt13 092611430 s  View of Óbidos pt13 092611410 s  View of Óbidos pt13 092416301 j  Curious church of Senhor da Pedra, outside Óbidos