We also spent a couple hours in Bhaktapur on the way to Dhulikhel
Bougainvalia Ugrachandra (Durga) with 18 arms Lions guard the school gate Durbar Square
Durbar Square looking towards Krishna and Rameshwar Temples Durbar Square Bell(e) at the Vatsala Durga Temple Entrance to Royal Palace, Golden Gate (Sun Dhoka)
Golden Gate (Sun Dhoka) Golden Gate (Sun Dhoka), detail showing the goddess Taleju Bhawani Statues and a door Carved-wood door
Naga Pokhari, 17th century water tank surrounded by a snake (naga) Naga Pokhari Siv resting at Durbar Square The Fifty-five window palace
Nice lion Siddhi Lakshmi Temple Durbar Square, part 2 Fasidega Temple, dedicated to Shiva
Court of the Tadhunchen Bahal, formerly a caravaranserai, a rest house for pilgrims Nyatapola Mandir, Nepal's highest, over 30 meters Nyatapola Mandir Steps leading up Nyatapola Mandir
Bird market at Taumadhi Tole Ducks for sale Colorful chicken Potters' Square
Cooking pottery Potters' Square Potters' Square Children in Potters' Square
Narrow street of Bhaktapur Frisbee-playing Italians Sheep for sale as sacrificial victims for the festival