Draa Valley

The road south from Agdz follows the Draa Valley until it becomes a dirt piste leading across the erg (sand desert).
Draa Valley  The oasis along the Draa River and colored mountains Draa Valley  Carrying home leaves - for animals or people? Draa Valley  How to sell a shesh Draa Valley  Besheshed, both of them
Draa Valley  Zagora Draa Valley  In Tamegroute, after visiting the library of the medersa with its fascinating old books dating back to 1060, we wound up at the collective pottery studio, where we acquired several colorful -- indeed, beautiful -- souvenirs Draa Valley  A young potter -- he sits in a whole and turns the wheel with foot pedals Draa Valley  Pottery kiln
Draa Valley  That shallow depression is liquid clay, so watch your step! Draa Valley  Fortunately, this is not India, and the trucks also get over to one side of the very narrow road Draa Valley  Panorama of the rig (stone desert) Draa Valley  One can see the Ouedh Draa in the distance
Draa Valley  An old hilltop fortress ma10 032313161 j a  We saw lots of texts made our of stones laid on the hillsides, sometimes religious, sometimes secular propaganda The desert  Wilkommen, bienvenu, welcome! Draa Valley  Entering, probably, Zoua�a-el-Barrahnia in a light, sandy wind
The desert  The piles of straw are to keep the sand from flooding the road The desert  The sand obscures everything, especially the light Draa Valley  Southern edge of M'Hamid and the end of the road The desert  Onto the desert piste!
The desert  Really sandy -- and windy The desert  Sand everywhere The desert  Camel caravan The desert  Lone acacia tree, the only vegetation higher than a bush to survive out here
The desert  We stopped to look at a herd of eating camels The desert  Tourist and camels The desert  Out here, you need either a 4-wheel-drive vehicle or a 4-footed one!