Roussillon  Approach to the Château de Queribus in 1985 Roussillon  Looks pretty much the same in 2011 Roussillon  Château de Queribus Roussillon  Cucugnan and Château de Peyrepertuse (ridge on left) seen from Château de Queribus
Roussillon  Château de Peyrepertuse seen from Château de Queribus Roussillon  Looking out over the Roussillon from the Grau (pass) de Maury Roussillon  At Ansignan, there is another old Roman aqueduct Roussillon  Aquaduct d'Ansignan
Roussillon  It is still used for water distribution to the fields Roussillon  And underneath, there is a viaduct across the river Roussillon  The windows are for the viaduct Roussillon  Curiously eroded Roc de Cournut
Roussillon  Pretty village of Pézilla-de-Conflent Roussillon  Entrance gate to Villefranche-de-Conflent in 1985 Roussillon  Siv in Villefranche in 1985 Roussillon  Street of Villefranche in 2011
Roussillon  The walls of Villefranche in 1985 ... Roussillon  ... and at night in 2011