Pont du Gard, Corbières

sj71 4a012 Pont du Gard  In 2011, no one can walk on the top (probably a good thing...) Pont du Gard  What a beautiful arch Pont du Gard  Le Gard
Pont du Gard  Siv at the Pont in 1978 ... Pont du Gard  ... and in 2011 sj71 4a013  Morning light in 1971, the time of John's first visit Pont du Gard  Evening light on the "pont" in 2011
sj71 4a014  In 1971, you could walk on top of it! And it's a long way down... Pont du Gard  Close-up of upper arches Pont du Gard  View from the south Pont du Gard  Remember, this thing is almost 2000 years old! Where will all our constructions be in 2000 years?
Corbières  Country road lined with platane (plane) trees Corbières  Small town with platanes Corbières  Bridge coming out of a tunnel Corbières  Small stream and lots of rocks
sj71 4a004  Vineyards of the Corbières in 1971 ... Corbières  ... and in 2011 Corbières  Cypress trees, vineyards, hills and the Château d'Aguilar Corbières  Château d'Aguilar
Corbières  Vines and hills Corbières  Distant cliffs Corbières  Mountain pass (grau) Corbières  Town and château of Padern
Corbières  Château de Padern