Back to Delhi

Driving back to Delhi in the rain was even worse than driving up. We do not ever want to drive on Indian excuses for roads again.
Once again on the awful road, with potholes in the rain  in14 021414190 j Cars and trucks do some very creative driving in order to avoid potholes -- and each other!  in14 021414210 j Wonder how much that umbrella helps.  in14 021414320 j Newly planted trees in the rain.  in14 021415150 j
Back in Delhi, laundry hung up to dry in the center of an important thorofare.  in14 021512090 j And the shacks of the laundry's owners... This is a "developing nation"!  in14 021512091 j At our  hotel, a plane from the nearby Indira Gandhi International Airport takes off over preparations for a wedding party.  in14 021516402 j Indian workmen in flip-flops  in14 021516430 j
Preparing the scene  in14 021516440 j Rajasthani musicians  in14 021516451 j Indians are nothing if not resourceful; He is hammering in a nail with a large spoon.  in14 021516552 j