Two nights in Gwalior gave us a full day for catching the palace on the hilltop. We should have stayed longer.
Rock-carved Jain sculptures near the Urvai Gate to Gwalior Fort date from the 15th century.  in14 013110572 j abc Tourist admiring the sculptures.  in14 013111001 s a The statues represent tirthankars, Jain teachers. Defaced and castrated by Muslim invaders in 1527, but repaired since. Presumably, these days, the Taliban or ISIS would bomb them out of existence. Thank goodness that has not happened -- yet.  in14 013111031 j A long series of cut-out caves with sculptures  in14 013111040 s a
The road can be seen ascending along the cliff wall and up to the fort.  in14 013111070 j a More sculptures. One wonders if the reinforcing structure is original or added recently.  in14 013111070 s r aa The hightest is a 17m sculpture of Adinath. Remember, the face is not original.  in14 013111161 s The Man Singh Palace on the rock of Gwalior Fort was built around 1500. It even looks impressive in the awful smog which covered Gwalior that day. (Gwalior has been named one of India's most polluted cities -- which is saying something.)  in14 013111410 j 2abc3
Colored tiles with ducks. Yes, really. Ducks!  in14 013111381 j aba Elaborate decoration with colored tiles.  in14 013111522 j The east wall is built directly above the cliff.  in14 013111510 s racf Tourist and guide inside the palace. In upper left-hand corner, balcony from which women could observe without being observed.  in14 013112100 s aa
Rooms were built under the palace to escape the heat. Speaking tubes link one room with another.  in14 013112200 j Here be dragons.  in14 013112320 s Pretty pillared hall on a nearby building.  in14 013112462 j The Sasbahu (Mother-in-law) temple is dedicated to Vishnu. Also on the rock of Gwalior Fort.  in14 013113031 j
Elaborate carvings inside the Sasbahu Temple.  in14 013113050 j r The smaller Sasbahu Temple (Daughter-in-law).  in14 013113060 j The Teli ka Mandir, from the 8th century (!), is the oldest temple on Gwalior Rock.  in14 013113151 j aaa Old Ganesh on the Telil ka Mandir  in14 013113251 s
Modern Gurdwara (Sikh temple)  in14 013113231 s aa View from the southern part of the rock towards the Man Singh Palace, with modern Gwalior spread out below.  in14 013113350 j b Back downstairs.  in14 013113552 j In the State Archaeological Museum, the gods -- Devas and Asuras -- using a snake to churn the sea and make amrita, the nectar of immortality. The Devas took it all and left none for the Asuras. And the devas are supposed to be the good guys!  in14 013116290 j cb
A beautiful Salabhanjika in the archaeological museum. This one is hidden away and you must ask the gardian to take you to it -- through two locked doors.  in14 013116340 j cbc A friendly worker in the streets of Gwalior.  in14 013116541 j Thriving commerce.  in14 013116580 j One tissue salesman smiling as the other plays with his telephone.  in14 013117000 j
In the streets of Gwalior.  in14 013116581 j Color everywhere.  in14 013117001 j