We found it strange not to have heard Udaipur referred to as the Venice of India, because in some way it is.
Our room in the Jagat Niwas Palace Hotel, a restored 17th-century haveli, was right on the lake. Two islands in Lake Pachola -- Jag Mandir (left) and Lake Palace (right), viewed from our hotel room View from hotel room Fountain and flowers in the Saheliyon Ki Bari Gardens, with lots of bougainvillea
Sprays of water from fountains Elephant fountains at the Saheliyon Ki Bari Gardens Elephant fountain Elephant fountains at the Saheliyon Ki Bari Gardens
Elephant lover Towers of the Jagdish Mandir seen from the entrance to the City PalaceTower The Udaipur City Palace is huge, having been built from the 16th through the 19th century. Elephant painting in the City Palace
Peaceful courtyard in the City Palace Indoor fountain in the City Palace THe Kanch ki Burj is decorated with mirrors and gold Stained glass in another room
A nautch girl The Mor Chowk, or Peacock Courtyard Close-up of decorated window and balcony in the Mor Chowk The maharajah as sun god, with knives for rays
Colorful Moti Mahal Moti Mahal Painting in City Palace Painting in City Palace
Graceful lacy dome in a garden of the City Palace Tourist and elephant painting Facade of the City Palace Graceful arches on open balconies
In the byways of Udaipur Another small street Our hotel is the white building to right of center as seen from the other side of the lake. City Palace, lakeside
We took a tour on Lake Pichola. Here we pass by the City Palace. Beautiful columned hall The Jagat Niwas Palace hotel The dhobi ghat of Udaipur
We wonder what this complex is, on the south side of the lake. Mountains to the south City Palace viewed from the Jag Mandir island Jag Mandir Island with welcoming elephants
Interior of the Jagat Niwas Palace Hotel Steep steps leading up to the Jagdish Temple Siv and pigeon at the Jagdish Temple Elephant reliefs
SIkhara of the Jagdish Temple Jagdish Temple John and old lady at Jagdish Mandir Siv at the Jagdish Temple -- with elephants, of course
Fighting elephants