On the road

We drove from Bengaluru to Hampi on the worst roads we have ever seen (or felt); then from Hampi to Badami; around there to Aihole, Pattadakal and Mahakuta; then from Badami to Goa, via the long route (Pradeepa got lost...)
Big rock and fortress Oops... Buying bananas in a small town; she is embarassed to have her picture taken Town between Bengaluru and Hampi (perhaps Dharmapura?)
Preparing a fresh coconut Siv enjoying coconut milk with Pradeepa There must have been some sort of cart festival going on because... ... we met all sorts of them.
Tank, decrepit wall and rocks An Indian truck bearing down on us Children in (or near) Hospet Siv always finds kids to photograph
Decorated truck Ganesh, buried undeer flowers, is along to protect us Precariously balanced rocks Small-town belle
Small village Small-town market Tricycle truck decorated for Diwali, near Badami Countryside near the coast south of Goa
Beautiful big house south of Goa Fields, scarecrow and hills The coast south of Goa, the Arabian Sea