We spent three days in Mumbai, which is huge
Arriving from the airport, seeing skyscrapers and slums Nice-looking apartments seen from our hotel window The Taj Palace Hotel Dhunraj Mahal, an art-deco building
Regal Circle and old Sailor's Home Elphinstone College Cricket players in the Oval Maiden Rolling tires in the Oval Maiden (I never could do that...)
Yummy-looking fresh fruits That's one way of doing it. View of Mumbai's Back Bay from the Kamala Nehru Park on Malabar Hill Chowpatty Beach
Kids playing in a giant shoe in Kamala Nehru Park Perhaps the world's largest street book seller Crawford Market Spices for sale in Crawford Market (We bought some.)
Fruit stand in Crawford Market Crawford Market The Banganga Tank, at the base of Malabar Hill, is fed by a spring said to have been created when one of Rama's arrows fell to earth Tourist photographing a Nandi
Roofs of a low-rent area on the coast near the Banganga Tank Some of the low-renters' neigbors pay more in rent. Entrance to the area Houses in the low-rent area seem surprisingly clean
In the area, people actually seem to not be all that badly off. High rises north of the Banganga Tank Kidz 'n the tank Mumbai apartment building
Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat -- washing clothes Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, the former Victoria Terminus In the station, the track where "Jai ho" was filmed... Hall inside Victoria Terminus
In the station, relief of a mongoose killing a serpent Taj Palace and Gate of India seen from boat for Elephant Island Mumbai seen from the boat Swedish tourist on the boat
Elephanta Island, where excavated cave-temples harbor magnificent fourteen-hundred-year old sculptures Women selling water on Elephanta Island Tourist being carried up the island path in a chair East portico of the main cave on Elephanta Island
Columns in the main cave; remember,  the columns were not built, the cave was carved out Shiva Ardhaneshvara, in his androgynous form The magnificent Sadashiva, three-headed Shiva, dominates the main cave Main cave and tourists of various origins
West gate to main cave North entrance Monkey along the path Boats waiting to take tourists back to Mumbai
On the boat Workmen in front of our hotel -- note the footwear