Aihole, about 30 km from Badami, was the capital of the Chalukyan empire between the 4th and 6th centuries. It is loaded with old temples, a hundred or more, some restored, many remaining only as ruins lost among the streets of the town.
A 3-wheeler truck decorated for Diwali Langur mother and baby Langur with baby crossing the road ahead of us A family of langurs
A lot of sunflowers are grown in this area People and goats Corn shucks and a friendly farmer Landscape with mountain and corn
Ox cart Washing clothes at the dam Street leading into town from Badami View of porch and open colonnade on sides
Back view of semi-circular apse showing the colonnaded verandah Ceiling sculpture of a naga (serpent) with a human fore-body Interior and entrance to garbhagriha Sculpture of Durga slaying the bufallo-demon, Mahisha
Vishnu as his boar avatar, Varaha, rescuing the female-personified earth from the demon Hiranyaksha, who had taken it to the bottom of the cosmic ocean A temple interior (but which temple?) View of several temples. Suryanarayana Temple on left, Ladkhan Temple superstructure visible in background What is this temple?
A sanctuary surrounded by an open colonnade. Probably the oldest in AIhole, dating from 5th c. Dates from 7th or 8th c. From front Temples seem almost to be jumbled together. Ladkhan Temple in background
Also one of the oldest in Aihole, currently dated c. 655-81. Note the fake stone logs on top of the roof. Rather than having open sides, like the Gaudara Temple, the Ladkhan temple is enclosed by walls with stone screens for letting light enter. Porch with sculptured mithunas (amorous couples) on pillars Amorous couple on pillar sculpture
Amorous couple on pillar sculpture Small temples viewed from porch of Ladkhan Temple From left to right, Ladkhan, Gaudara and Durga Temples Tank and Badiger Gudi Temple
Probably 9th c. Tourist at the Badiger Gudi Temple Chakragudi Temple, probably 9th c. Mandapa (columned hall) of Chakragudi Temple
On a hill above Aihole. Probably dates from 6th c. Sculpture of Durga slaying the buffalo-headed demon, Mahisha A magnificent sculpture of Shiva Nataraja, the king of the dance, with ten arms. To the lower left, Ganesh. Interior of the cave
Nandi at the cave entrance Downtown Aihole Thryambakeshwara Complex, two temples in the town, 12th c. Ruins scattered about the town
More unrestored ruins 8th c. On the way out of town, a solid stone house with a nice door Palm trees and sunflowers
The lake has overvflowed the road Corn shucks in three states Still doing wash at the dam