Trichy (Tiruchirapalli)

A big, traffic-laden city, with many temples and smiling people
There are a relatively large number of Christians in the south of India That soup is boiling hot The Cauvery River, with worshippers in the distance Worshippers at Srirangam Temple first bathe in the Cauvery
The Rock Fort viewed from the Cauvery Elephants get baths too Tourists at the river The south gopuram of the Ranganathaswamy Temple in Srirangam
Tourist and guide inside Srirangam Temple Ranganathaswamy Temple viewed from the roof The golden peak of the Vishnu shrine in the Ranganathaswamy Temple Temple gopuram
Looking south over three successive gopurams The east gopuram The three vertical bars of Vishnu (For Shiva, they are horizontal) Venugopala Shrine, dedicated to Krishna, one of the avatars of Vishnu
Krishna and his flute Statue of one of Krishna's beloved milk-maids on the Venugopala Shrine His head has been shaved for an offering and sandal paste applied Worshipping at a small shrine
The temple elephant ... ... blesses a worshipper Laughing ladies Happy boy
Must be a treat to cheer him up after his head shave Hanuman, the monkey god, with Sugriva, king of the monkeys, and (probably) two of Rama's brothers These wierd heads and things made us think of Tibetan Bhuddist  art ... ... but our guide didn't like that, insisting that Hinduism came before Buddhism
These looked Tibetan to us too At the sacred tank, which is not square for once ... ... a family of cats goes fishing Hanuman and elephant
Vijayanagar statues of horses at the Sheshagiri Mandapa The tenth avatar of Vishnu, the horse who brings the Hindu equivalent of Apocalypse The Rock Fort rises to a height of over 80m One of the temples carved out of the stone in the Rock Fort
Shiva Climbing up to the top of the Rock Fort -- it's a temple, so no shoes The Ganesh Temple on top of the Rock Fort View of the city
Golden dome on lower temple Srirangam Temple viewed from the Rock Fort Well, they're concrete, but they're colorful A family rests on the rooftop of their house
Swedish tourist American tourist Looking down from the Ganesh Temple Many kites soared lazily around
Beautiful evening sunlight on the rock The Rock Fort from below A shrine cut into the rock of the Rock Fort Reliefs in the shrine
A small lane below the rock fort contained some nice dwellings This family was painting their whole house, which was very pleasant He is a video photographer -- and they were both very friendly people Colors in a doorway
Elephant in the street Shri Jambukeshwara Temple gopuram Beautiful mandapa (pillared hall) in the Shri Jambukeshwara Temple Many beautiful pillars
Tower Elephant-trunk staircase at the Shri Jambukeshwara Temple Another view of the pillered hall Rock Fort and filling station
A street in the bazaar