Chennai Government Museum

Bronze collection, mostly from Chola period (9th - 13th century)
Schoolchildren visiting the museum (21st century) The museum's bronze collection Shiva and Parvati Androgynous Shiva, right side male, left side female - or else, the merging of Shiva and Parvati, the masculine and feminin forces of Shiva
Mahishasuramardini (left, about 10th century) and Maheswari (right, about 11th century) Maheswari Appar (about 15th century) Elephant and rider
Tirugnanasambandar (about 15th century) Elephant and rider Kali (about 10th century) Parvati (detail, about 10th century)
Parvati (about 10th century) Nataraja (Shiva doing his celestial dance) Ganesha Nataraja
Buddhist monk Nataraja Nataraja Nataraja (note legs in non-standard position)
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