Jami Masjid and Old Delhi

Old Delhi
The Jami Masjid (Friday Mosque) Jami Masjid The minaret one can climb Red Fort, seen from the minaret
Looking down on the Jami Masjid The ablution pool in the court Old Delhi seen from the minaret Jami Masjid
Wiring in Old Delhi A statue of Hanuman (Hindu monkey god) for the Ram LIla festiva Statue of Rama for the festival These kids really wanted their picture taken
Sisganj Gurdwara (SIkh temple, in memory of the saint Tegh Bahadur) Musicians in the gurdwara A loaded cart A butcher in the Nizamuddin area
An alley in Nizamuddin Public water pump in Nizamuddin Tomb of Nizam-ud-Din (Sufi saint) Tomb of Nizam-ud-Din
A loaded rickshaw Old mosque, probably in or near Panchshila Park Old mosque Tughluqabad Fort