Dancing Ganesha Dancers A sikhara (spire) Lakshmana Temple from the back. To the right, the Chausath Yogini Temple, which is still in use
Kandariya Mahadeva Temple, with its cascading skiharas Interior of a temple View from Kandariya Mahadeva Temple towards Mahdadeva, Devi Jagadambi and Chitragupta Temples The chipmunk looks more stationary than the statues.
An apsara A royal couple, maybe gods Vishvanath Temple Apsaras
A sikhara (spire) Statue of Varaha, Vishnu's avatara as a boar, covered with figures form the Hindu pantheon. In the Varaha Shrine Lakshmana Temple Bougainvillia
An apsara putting henna on the sole of her foot Kandariya Mahadeva, Mahadeva and Devi Jagadamba Temples (l. to r.) Kandariya Mahadeva Temple A hoopoe
A mithuna, or love scene Amorous poses A sikhara Entrance to the Kandariy-Mahadeva Temple
An incredible profusion of statuary and relief Man with animal's head A mithuna Statues of apsaras, gods and mythical beasts on Adinatha Temple (eastern group)
Javari Temple, in the eastern group of temples Parsvanath Temple (Jain) A Jain statue Parsvanath Temple (Jain)
Sculptures festoon a wall of the Parsvanath Temple. Couple, mythical beast and apsara putting kohl on her eyes A particularly voluptuous apsara Javari Temple
Soldiers on the plinth of the Lakshmana Temple Musicians The tourist part of the town of Khajuraho Visvanatha Temple in the evening
The Chandela Cultural Center, a fascinating crafts museum Folk art in the Chandela Cultural Center Chandela Cultural Center There they go again...
Does anyone know what this bird is? Kandariya Mahadeva and Devi Jagadamba Temples A mythical beast at the Jagadambi Temple (+ tourist) Chitragupta Temple