Vik and environs

With three nights at Vík, we saw the local coast and took one day to drive up to Landmannalauger.
Pétersey Southern edge of Pétersey, formerly an island before the land rose above the sea here The Mýrdalsjökull, seen from our hotel at Vellir, west of Vík Looking towards the coast over a thin plain which was once under the sea
Crashing waves on black, gravel beach at Reynisfjall Foam from waves on black, gravel beach at Reynisfjall Colors of evanescent "jewels" from prismatic effects of the sea foam Shale cliffs at Reynisfjall
Basalt columns at Reynisfjall Beach at Reynisfjall Basalt-column  cliffs and sea stacks at Reynisfjall Sea stacks at Reynisfjall -- legend has it that they are giant trolls turned to stone in the sea.
Beautiful basalt columns of the Reynisfjall cliffs Roof of a cave in the cliffs of Reynisfjall View from Reynisfjall towards Dyrhólaey Reynisfjall church
Arch at Dyrhólaey Sea foam on the black-sand (and pebble) beach at Dyrhólaey